Complete Analog and IP surveillance solutions 

Analog megapixal Cameras/ Multi-Sensors Cameras 

IP Cameras/ Multi-sensors Cameras 

Blackjack™ NVR, Spectrum™ VMS, MEGApix® cameras, VMAX™ digital video recorders, etc.

EDUCATIONAL: · School Communication System · Multi-Zone Paging System · Time Control System · Public Address Systems · Telephone Systems · Intercom Systems · Program Distribution Systems

HEALTH CARE: · Visual Nurse Call Systems · Audio/Visual Nurse Call Systems · Emergency Call Systems ·

CORRECTIONAL and SECURITY: · Audio Surveillance System · Security Communication Systems · Security Intercom Stations · Vandal-Proof Stations · Visitation Telephone System · Deliberation Room Intercom System · Building Management · Rescue Assistance Systeems · Door Monitor Systems


TIME CONTROL SYSTEM: · Master Clocks · Digital Clocks · Analog Clocks · IP Analog & Digital Clocks

Corsair HMI

SECURITY INTEGRATION SOFTWARE: For security and building management application. Integrates the following systems:  · Security Intercom Systems - Audio Surveillance - Door Control - Programmable Logic Controls (PLC) - CCTV Systems - Guard Tour - Alarm Monitoring - and other system interfaces

The VoiceGate Dynamic Server (DS)™ is a powerful Alarm / Event Management system that controls and tracks all critical and non critical events in any Retirement / Assisted Living, Long Term / Critical Care Facility.

VoiceGateDS™ Delivers Unparalleled Voice & Data Interconnectivity.....In One Seamlessly Integrated Unified Communication & Reporting Solution.

Workflow Efficiency. 
• Increased Resident Safety. • Streamlined Communication.• Higher Occupancy Rates.• Improved Bottom Line.

Protocols Supported:
• DTMF • Caller ID • Comp2 • SIP • TAP • TDM • Text to Speech • XML • Custom specific    Tel: 905-235-8119